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Dealing with ants

If you’ve tried all of our tips so far, and your unwanted visitors are still bothering you, there’s no need to panic. There is still some shred of hope that your house will be pest free. Like we said before, you just need to keep your calm and follow our instructions.


If you haven’t located the ant colony yet, then you can deal with them one at a time. But before you can do that, you need to make their access impossible. If the colony is somewhere outside and they come in just for the food, then you should definitely work on creating some kind of a barrier in order for them to stay outside. There are some substances that ants are not very fond of, so you just need to sprinkle some around your door or window. Salt, vinegar, mint oil, cinnamon, chili, black pepper, bay leaves, baby powder or even chalk are great ways to stop the passage of unwanted ants. You just need to make sure that none of these substances (or ingredients, since you can find most of them in your pantry) are in the reach of children and pets, as most of them are quite irritating and can cause serious adverse reactions.

One safer method to get rid of ants is to mix some pure alcohol with a bit of water and some dish detergent and spray it over any surface that ants come into contact with. You can even have some of this solution somewhere handy, because you can even spray it over ants in case you come across a larger number of insects.

There are even some very safe ways to exterminate ants, that don’t involve the use of any chemical substance. Ants love corn flour, but they seem to be unaware of the fact that drinking water after eating corn flour gets them killed. So you can even sprinkle some around corners, or in the places you’ve seen them the most.

You can even use a mixture of water, sugar and boric acid. Most people like to soak some crumbs of bread in this solution and let the ants eat it. They get attracted to the sweetness and the bread crumbs, but they are unaware that they become a danger to themselves and to others.

If after following all our pieces of advice you still have ant problems, than we strongly urge you to contact an extermination company. You may want to take into account the fact that this problem may be too much for you to handle on your own, so you need professional assistance. There is no need to worry in this case. If you choose the right pest control company you problems will surely be gone very quickly and they will probably not resurface any time soon. The great thing about trained technicians is the fact that they also give you some pointer on how to make sure you won’t get ants in the future.

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